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About Ovid's Ghost

Ovid was forced into exile, but I have chosen to exile myself by way of keeping my identity private, at least as private as one can expect these days. We are told that in the modern world our personal, political, religious and social beliefs should not exclude us from certain types of work, but we all know that this is very often false. The other reason I keep my identity quiet (note that quiet is not the same as secret) is that who I am should not matter so much as the ideas which I am trying to express. It should be enough then to say that my name is Kevin.

Salve and Welcome!

Welcome to Ovid’s Ghost. What is Ovid’s Ghost?  The great Roman poet Pulius Ovidius Naso, whom we call Ovid, was born in the year 43 BCE  in central Italy.  Initially he was sent as a young man to Rome so that he could study rhetoric … Continue reading

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