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Welcome to Ovid’s Ghost.

What is Ovid’s Ghost?  The great Roman poet Pulius Ovidius Naso, whom we call Ovid, was born in the year 43 BCE  in central Italy.  Initially he was sent as a young man to Rome so that he could study rhetoric but realized that his talents were in poetry rather than politics.  Though he rose through the ranks of Roman society for his witty and popular writings, the Emperor Augustus banished Ovid from Rome in 8 CE and he remained in exile until his death sometime around 17 or 18 CE.
It is not known exactly what Ovid said or did to provoke the ire of the Emperor, but it is likely that Ovid wrote something that offended the Emperor personally or somehow compromised his strict policies. Whatever the case, Ovid longed for his beloved city for the rest of his life and we will never know what Ovid might have written had he been allowed to stay.
Ovid was not a soldier, a politician or a philosopher, but he was a man of passions. That passion is what Ovid’s Ghost is all about.   A celebration of liberty, ladies and levity; my passions, which I believe Ovid would have shared.
Ovid’s Ghost is an ongoing collection of thoughts, essays, anecdotes, photos, links and jokes which I hope you will find interesting, educational or entertaining.   I will update as time permits.
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